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Larger Annuity

The Larger Annuity Program is an optional retirement or investment account that allows you to invest more money toward your retirement.

Larger Annuity Returns

The Larger Annuity Program provides two investment options:

Option 1. Earn Interest based on the average five-year Treasury Note, the same rate paid for your mandatory regular City retirement contributions.

Option 2. Earn Returns based on the LACERS rate of return for the publicly-traded portion of the LACERS investment portfolio.

These tables detail annualized Larger Annuity Program returns for both options for the preceding five-year period.  

Larger Annuity Chart

Before investing, please consult with your financial advisor.  Interest rates and investment returns will fluctuate.      

*Investment returns may be positive or negative.  There is no guarantee against future negative performance on investment returns.           
Larger Annuity Annual Increase
During retirement when you start to receive your Larger Annuity, on July 1st following the initiation of each annuitized sum, participants and applicable beneficiaries will receive a prorated increase of 3% per year, calculated as 1/12th of 3% for each full month of participation in each annuity. Thereafter, participants and applicable beneficiaries will receive a 3% increase each July 1st for the duration of the annuity.

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