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Guiding Principles

We are inspired by our mission to establish a trustworthy lifelong relationship serving our Members. Our Guiding Principles embody the traits that we as an organization value and espouse to be necessary in our every interaction to meet this mission. When faced with a decision, the desired path is that which best emulates our Guiding Principles.


As a member of the LACERS team, we must continually seek to present a character that demonstrates honesty, integrity, prudence, superior judgment, and transparency. Character personifies who we are, what we represent, and defines our reputation. It shapes attitude, controls demeanor, and establishes commitment. It is individually personal and unique, and leaves a lasting impression upon people with whom we interact. Character provides the best assurance to LACERS members that their retirement benefits are secure -- today and tomorrow.


A successful LACERS employee strives to be a consummate professional who demonstrates commitment to his or her work, expert knowledge and skill, and the initiative to share and enhance that body of knowledge. Professionals act with integrity in all endeavors, remaining businesslike, rational, and polite no matter the situation. As our Members rely on us to be professional, we dedicate ourselves to seeking answers and solving problems with a positive attitude.


A successful LACERS team member treats our Members, co-workers, and others with respect. We appreciate and consider everyone’s beliefs, experience, knowledge, opinions, and values without judgment, and respond in a manner that facilitates collaboration toward the common goal of an excellent Member experience.


A successful LACERS team member performs their work guided by the principle of kindness and with it practices patience, listens carefully, and responds to our members, co-workers and others in a friendly, open, and considerate manner. How we treat each other will ultimately affect how we treat our Members.


At LACERS, teamwork is the foundation for effective communication, exchange of ideas, and success of the organization. We are committed to the collaborative efforts and trusting relationships we have within LACERS. Our partnership of professionalism and active participation makes us effective and efficient in achieving our common goal of service to our Members, and to each other.