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Retirement Allowance Information

You may choose one of two options for the delivery of your Retirement Allowance:

Direct Deposit
Members who participate in Direct Deposit have their Retirement Allowance funds deposited with their selected financial institution on the last business day of the month.  Since the Direct Deposit program became available more than a decade ago, our Members who participate in Direct Deposit have always received their Monthly Retirement Allowances on time.

To have your monthly Retirement Allowance deposited directly into your bank account by the end of each month, fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization form and return it to LACERS.

Mailed Checks
Retirement Allowance checks with attached statements are processed by LACERS to be delivered by the last day of each month.  However, depending on unforeseeable postal delivery delays, such as adverse weather conditions or natural disasters, the date of receipt of mailed checks is variable.

Questions?  Call us at (800) 779-8328 or email us at LACERS.services@LACERS.org.