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Death Notification of a LACERS Member or Beneficiary

Please contact the Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System (LACERS) upon the death of a person receiving a LACERS monthly retirement allowance, continuance, or survivorship at (800) 779-8328. This person may have been a:

  • Retired City Employee
  • Surviving Spouse of a Retired City Employee
  • Surviving Domestic Partner of a Retired City Employee
  • Any other Dependent receiving a Continuance or Survivorship Benefit
Be prepared to provide the deceased's full name and Social Security number:

LACERS staff will contact the deceased Member's listed beneficiaries for more information and documents.
(800) 779-8328 • (888) 349-3996 TDD
202 W. First Street, Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90012-4401

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