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Your Dental Plan Premium Subsidy

A dental plan premium subsidy is provided to eligible LACERS retirees to apply toward the cost of their monthly dental plan premium.

Dental Subsidy Eligibility
The maximum dental subsidy is determined by the LACERS Board each year. The maximum subsidy the Board can adopt is based on the maximum dental subsidy provided to Active Members by the City of Los Angeles. Your monthly dental subsidy amount is applied toward the monthly cost of your dental premiums.

To be eligible for a LACERS dental subsidy, you must:

  • Be retired
  • Be at least age 55
  • Have a minimum of 10 whole years of Service
If You Retired as a Full-Time Employee
Dental subsidies are only available to Retired Members who are enrolled in a LACERS dental plan. To receive the maximum dental subsidy, you must have at least 25 years of Service Credit. Otherwise, your subsidy is 4% of the maximum subsidy for each whole year of Service Credit you earned (a minimum of 10 years of Service is required).

Dental subsidies are not provided for dependents or eligible survivors (i.e., surviving spouses/domestic partners).
However, you may enroll dependents in a LACERS dental plan and have your premium costs deducted from your retirement allowance. Eligible survivors may have their dental premiums deducted from their Continuance or Survivorship allowances.

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