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Living Healthy and Keeping Diabetes at Bay

Living Healthy and Keeping Diabetes at Bay

Over the last few years, LACERS has developed its wellness program, LACERS Well, to engage and inspire our retired Members to remain healthy during their retirement years.  We are constantly exploring various topics and areas of focus that will be of interest to our Members and can also have a positive impact on their well-being.  For 2018, we have decided on a theme of diabetes awareness, prevention, and management.

The idea for this theme was initiated during a meeting we had with our Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser) team last year.  In reviewing aggregate health data, we saw that prediabetes and/or diabetes affected approximately 75% of Members and their dependents enrolled in our Kaiser plans and were responsible for about $12 million dollars in healthcare costs per year.  These statistics are not unique to Kaiser, as diabetes is a national issue.  Knowing that such a large number of our Members are, or will be, affected by diabetes and that it is a growing concern, we knew that diabetes had to be our focus for 2018.

Some of you may not think you are at risk for diabetes and may wonder how this will be useful to you.  The good news is, the best way to prevent or manage diabetes is by living a healthy lifestyle - eating right and staying active.  So, all of the resources, information, events, and opportunities included in our 2018 campaign are applicable to anyone looking to add some healthier habits to their lifestyle.  And, of course, we will continue to offer activities that give our retired Members a chance to meet up with each other and have some fun.

If you haven’t already registered for the LACERS Well program, you can do so on the LACERS Well web page at  Registering for the program allows you to participate in our “Passport to Health” program, through which you can win prizes by earning points for participating in program activities, and receive program information via monthly email updates.

Have a healthy, happy 2018 and I hope to see you at our upcoming events!

Alex Rabrenovich
Director of Health Benefits

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