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Beverly Anderson
Beverly retired in 2010 from LAPD after working over 35 years with the City of Los Angeles. She is very active in LACERS Well events and currently leads the Lakewood Center Mall Walk every Monday. For more information on Beverly’s Champion-led event, click here.
Beverly Anderson
Brenda worked in Finance for the City for over 31 years, and retired in 2011. Brenda has been an active member of the LACERS Well Champion program, and being and staying active in retirement is important to her. Brenda has been practicing Tai Chi for the past two years and would like to get more involved in learning the act of Karate and Kung Fu. She also enjoys traveling, fellowshipping, and volunteering.
Pablo and Vivian Cortes

Pablo retired in 2014 from the Sanitation Department after working over 14 years with the City of Los Angeles. He and his wife, Vivian, lead various Champion-led activities. Recently they organized an enjoyable outing at the L.A. Arboretum. Click here to see the fun everyone had!

Frankie is the spouse of Daniel Gallagher, who retired in 2010 from LACERS as LACERS’ Chief Investment Officer. Frankie currently leads the Playa Del Rey Beach Walk every Friday. For more information on Frankie’s Champion-led event, click here.
Mirriam Galang
Mariam retired in 2010 from Public Works Engineering after working over 33 years with the City of Los Angeles. You can find her and her husband at many LACERS Well events. She currently leads the Buddy Walk for Life at Kaiser Baldwin Park the 1st Friday of every month. For more information on Mariam’s Champion-led event, click here.
Irene Galvan
Irene retired in 2011 from the Los Angeles Public Library, where she worked as a librarian for 32 years. For the past 3 years, Irene has been involved in a walking club that meets 3 days a week for 2 miles. Irene also Champions a walk every Monday morning at El Cariso Park in Sylmar. Irene has 3 children, which she considers her biggest accomplishment, and for fun, she enjoys going to festivals, cultural events, museums and trips to Las Vegas. For more information on Irene’s Champion-led event, click here.

Eugene Mandelcorn
David worked with the City of Los Angeles for 29 years, spending 16 serving as the Emergency Manager for the Port of Los Angeles.  David is also a 31-year veteran in the military, having served both on active duty and in the reserves. David retired at the rank of Captain after having served as a Health Services Administrator for the 452nd Aeromedical Staging Squadron at March Air Reserve Base.  His two proudest moments in his military career were earning the title Marine and his last deployment where he was directly responsible for moving 2615 patients out of Iraq. For more information on David’s Champion-led events, click here.

Eugene Mandelcorn
Eugene retired from the Los Angeles Public Library, where he worked for 16 years. In the past 2 years, Eugene has really dedicated himself to bettering his health, and has lost 40 pounds! Eugene may be the most active member of our Champion program, and each month, at his events, he highlights a new health awareness campaign. Eugene is married with one daughter, and for fun, he spends a lot of time riding his electric bike. Most recently, he traveled all over Europe on his electric bike! For more information on Eugene’s Champion-led events, click here.

Dorothy Miller
Dorothy enjoyed a 30-year career with the LAPD, until she retired in 1999. As an active member of the LACERS Well Champion program, Dorothy oversees a community garden event in March and has tended her own garden for the past 20 years. Dorothy has 3 sons and a total of 11 grandkids that keep her busy. When she does get some free time, she enjoys line dancing, sewing, and tries to walk a distance of at least three miles, four days a week.

Avis Ridley Thomas
Avis was the Head of the City Attorney Dispute/Resolution Program (which she established) for 30 years, and retired in 2011. As an active member of the LACERS Well Champion Program, Avis has been dedicated to Championing a walk every Thursday at the Kaiser Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Medical Facility. Avis loves volunteering, and has been a part of a program called “home sharing,” where she helps the elderly rent out their homes to make money for upgrades to their home. Avis also enjoys meditation, sailing, rowing, boating, and continuing to raise her children to be the best they can be.  For more information on Avis’ Champion-led event, click here.

Debby Rolland
Debby retired in 2010 from the Department of Recreation and Parks after working over 35 years with the City of Los Angeles. She currently leads the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park Walk on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday every month. For more information on Debby’s Champion led event, click here.
Ronald Skarin
Ronald retired from LA Building and Safety in 2010 as a Principal Building Inspector after working for more than 35 years with the City of Los Angeles. He currently leads casual bicycling rides in various parts of the City on a monthly basis. He has been leading these bike rides since he retired as a way to have social activities while getting some good exercise! He has ridden several times in the Lake Balboa area, along the Orange Line, several times along the beach bike path in Marina Del Rey, and even a ride through Griffith Park!

Ronald’s passion for cycling began as a competitive cyclist in the 70's. He was honored by Mayor Tom Bradley for being the only City Employee to compete in the Olympics in Montreal in 1976, and has been a member of the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee for over 30 years. When Ronald retired from competition in 1981, he began promoting bicycle commuting and rode to and from work (10 to 30 miles) several times a week until he retired. For more information on Ron’s Champion-led event, click here.
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