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Wellness Program

Managing your health helps reduce your long-term health costs and may help curb future premium increases. Your LACERS medical plan offers many wellness and disease management programs and services to assist you.

If you aren't aware of your current health status, the first step to managing your health is taking a Health Risk Assessment. If you are currently seeing a physician and are found to be at risk or have a chronic health condition, you may be contacted by your LACERS medical plan carrier (Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser, SCAN, or UnitedHealthcare) and invited to participate in their care management and disease management programs. Many of these programs have been recognized by national organizations for excellence and effectiveness.

If you are contacted by your health plan, we encourage you to participate in their disease management program because doing so increases your chances of managing your condition successfully and staying healthy. As a result, you can enhance the quality of your retirement years and lower your overall health plan costs.

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