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Survivor Benefits

If You Die Prior to Retirement
There may be benefit options available to your survivors if you die while still working for the City, depending on your:

  • Years of Continuous Service
  • Service Credit and
  • Survivor’s relationship to you

Possible benefits include:

  • A Survivorship or Continuance Allowance (a lifetime monthly benefit)
  • A medical subsidy, if eligible for a Survivorship or Continuance Allowance

If You Die After Retirement
To ensure your Spouse or Domestic Partner is eligible for survivor benefits after you retire, you must have been:

  • Married/in a registered Domestic Partnership one year before retirement
  • In the same marriage or State or LACERS-registered Domestic Partnership at retirement and at the time of your death.

For more information on Survivor Benefits:

Summary Plan Description
Reminder:  You may be eligible to purchase additional financial protection for your survivors with the Family Death Benefit Plan.