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Planning for Retirement Seminar
12/20/2017 (PFR Tier 1)
01/18/2018 (PFR Tier 1)
The California Endowment
01/20/2018 (PFR Tier 1)
02/01/2018 (PFR Tier 1)
02/10/2018 (PFR Tier 1)
03/02/2018 (PFR Tier 1)
03/10/2018 (PFR Tier 1)

If you need assistance with completing the registration form please call LACERS at (800) 779-8328, or TDD (888) 349-3996. Please be aware that all LACERS seminars have attendance limitations. If you reserve a seat and later decide you will not be attending, please call LACERS and cancel your reservation as soon as possible. This will allow other City employees the opportunity to attend.