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Master Trust/Custodial Services and Securities Lending Request for Proposal (RFP)

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LACERS' Securities Lending Guidelines (PDF Format)
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July 25, 2006


Dear Proposer:

The Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System (LACERS) with assistance from Pension Consulting Alliance is seeking proposals for master trust/custodial services and securities lending. LACERS will consider separate bids for: 1) custody with securities lending; 2) custody with no securities lending; 3) stand alone securities lending.

LACERS is seeking a firm with at least ten-years experience providing master trust/custody or securities lending services for institutional clients with at least $300 billion in domestic master trust and custody assets and at least $40 billion in international custody assets. For sole security lender proposals, the firm should have at least ten years experience providing securities lending with a minimum of $100 billion in securities lending lendable base.

The selected firm must be available for presentations to, and consultations with, the Board and Investments Committee (Committee) on issues pertaining to their services. Consideration will be given to minority- and women-owned firms to ensure that minorities and women have an opportunity to participate.

LACERS requires all proposers to submit an approved Affirmative Action Plan, Vendor Child Care questionnaire, a Certification of Compliance with Child Support Obligations, and American With Disabilities Certification. The RFP and other required documents may be downloaded from LACERS' website at www.lacers.org. FACSIMILE COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Please submit 17 copies in 3-ring binders, indexed and tabbed, by 3:00 P.M., Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT), Tuesday, October 10, 2006, to the following:

15 copies to:
Daniel P. Gallagher, CIO
360 East Second Street, Second Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012-4207
Tel: 213-473-7124
FAX: 213-687-8412
E-mail: lacers1@mindspring.com
1 copy to:
Sarah Bernstein, Principal
Pension Consulting Alliance, Inc
3721 Lankershim Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Tel: 818-508-1223
FAX: 818-508-0040
E-mail: sarahbernstein@pensionconsulting.com
1 copy to:
Neil Rue, CFA, Principal
Pension Consulting Alliance, Inc
514 NW 11 th Avenue, Suite 203
Portland, OR 97209-3227
Tel: 503-226-1050
FAX: 503-226-7702
E-mail: neilrue@pensionconsulting.com
Managers who become finalist proposers will be requested to submit additional copies of their proposal. Any questions should be directed to Dan Gallagher or Wayne Ige at (213) 473-7124.

ROBERT AGUALLO, JR., General Manager
Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System