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LACERS to Improve Service and Security for our Members

LACERS is rolling out a new computer system. The biggest changes will be behind the scenes, but we have made many improvements to how we do business so we can provide the best customer service to all of our Members. Here is what you can expect to see beginning in a few months:

  • Paychecks and Direct Deposit slips will have a new look and contain more information, starting with your March monthly allowance.
  • MyLACERS* will relaunch in June with added features and functionality, including 24/7 access to your account information, access to LACERS correspondences, and the ability to review and register for LACERS events.

Additional information will be provided in upcoming paycheck flyers to Retired Members, emails to Active Members, and at www.LACERS.org.

*MyLACERS is a secure site, subject to LACERS privacy and confidentiality practices and policies regarding Member account information.