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2nd Annual Guiding Principles Staff Appreciation Luncheon

LACERS’ Second Annual Guiding Principles Staff Appreciation Luncheon was held on Thursday, July 30, 2015, to recognize individual employees who represent the best in Character, Professionalism, Respect, Kindness, and Teamwork. The Hollywood award-themed event was sponsored by LACERS management.  Award recipients were selected through a voting process by LACERS staff.


Character Awardees
CHARACTER:  Estella Priebe, Bryan Fujita, Mikyong Jang, Lauren McCall, Monica Smith and Joseph Le (not pictured-Honorable Mention)

Kindness Awardees
KINDNESS:  Gabriel Perez, Patricia Gonzalez, Roslyn Libuit, Melani Rejuso, Jasmine Hernandez, and   Anna Ingram (not pictured)

Professionalism Awardees
Kristal Baldwin, Delia Hernandez, Lourdes Quintos, Vincent Tsui, and Lin Lin

Respect Awardees
Tenah Johnson-Taylor, Jason Harris, JoAnn Peralta, Andrea Galstian, Cezar Ballardo, and Fon Leidig

Teamwork Awardees
Adrienne Hobbs, Asya Hickman, Thomas Ma, Ed Leh, Ruth Perry, Lucy Artinian, Audrey Dymally, Martin Macias (not pictured), and Lita Payne (not pictured)