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Letter from the GM

October 18, 2011

An Open Letter to LACERS Members:

There was a recent report that LACERS initially refused to post a Board report on its
website.   This is not a true account of what happened.

Pursuant to our protocol, the reports for our Board’s October 11, 2011 meeting were
posted on our website on Friday, October 7 at the same time the Board packages were
being sent to our Board Members.   Unfortunately, we experienced a problem with the
server on which the reports were posted and they were only intermittently available over
the holiday weekend.

We have been in the process of replacing that server and should complete that work by
the end of this month.  In the near future, we will be bringing that server in house so we
can more closely monitor its operation, and therefore, the availability of our website.

We apologize to any Member or stakeholder who unsuccessfully attempted to access
our Board information and assure you that we pride ourselves on upholding the highest
level of transparency in our operations.


Tom Moutes
General Manager