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LACERS Retirement Benefits Are Not Impacted By Market Fluctuations -

Because of the market's volatility, many Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement Systems (LACERS) Members have wondered if their benefits are affected. LACERS Members have a Defined Benefit Plan. The Retirement benefit is calculated by a formula (based on age, service credit and highest final average salary) as defined in the Los Angeles Administrative Code.

If you are a LACERS Member, your monthly allowance is not affected by market changes.

Investment Portfolio LACERS, like many institutional investors, experienced a decrease in our portfolio due to recent market activity. However, the LACERS investment portfolio is structured to focus on the long-term and designed to weather periods of market turbulence. LACERS highly diversified portfolio is invested across multiple asset classes. Because these classes do not move in the same direction simultaneously, the overall risk of the portfolio is reduced.