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Our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles

Mission, Vision, & Guiding Principles
Who We Serve

The Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System (LACERS) is a public pension fund providing service retirements, disability retirements, and health insurance subsidies to our Members and their families of over 25,000 active employees and 17,000 retirees. LACERS membership includes the full-time employees and qualifying part-time employees of the City of Los Angeles except the employees of the Department of Water and Power, and sworn employees of the Police and Fire Departments. For more information about membership see our Summary Plan Description.

What We Provide

  • Service Retirements - LACERS offers a defined benefit plan to our members which provides a guaranteed lifetime retirement allowance to qualifying members based on age and years of service. For example, an employee retiring under full retirement benefits will earn 2.16% of their final annual compensation for each year of service. For example, an employee retiring at 60 years of age with 20 years of service will receive a monthly retirement allowance which is 43.2% of their City salary. For more information about benefits, see our Retirement Benefits page and to calculate your retirement see Calculating your Retirement Benefits page.
  • Disability Retirements – For members who become disabled while an active Member, they may qualify for a Disability Retirement Allowance, generally paid as one-third of your final compensation. For more information about benefits, see our Disability Retirement page.
  • Retiree Medical and Dental Health Plans – LACERS members may elect to participate in group health plans and may qualify for a medical subsidy. Members' may earn 4% of the health plan subsidy for every year of service. For more information about benefits, see our Medical and Dental Plans page.
  • For more information about other benefits, please visit our Table of Contents page.

Board Duties and Authorities
LACERS was established by City Charter in 1937, under the exclusive management and control of a Board of Administration, consisting of seven members, each serving a five-year term. The retirement board has a fiduciary duty to act for the sole and exclusive benefit of its members, with precedence over all other duties. The Board meets in a publicly noticed meeting twice a month and as needed, to discuss policy and take action on matters relating to payment of pension benefits, investment of system assets, and overall administration of the system. All members and the public are welcome to attend Board meetings.

For more information about LACERS governing statutes, duties and responsibilities of the Board, and Board meetings click here.

Department Administration
  • LACERS' Strategic Plan is a guiding document which establishes where LACERS wants to be in the next three years and how it plans to achieve that vision. For more information about the strategic plan, click here.
  • About Staff and Organization Chart – To learn more about the structure of our organization and the staff members who lead the department and head each division, click here.
  • Contracting Opportunities – LACERS issues Requests for Proposals/Qualifications (RFPs/RFQs) to identify firms who are interested and qualified to provide needed services to LACERS. LACERS contracts out for consulting services in the area of investment consulting, auditing, Board/organization consulting services, software, and others. Policies relating to contracting are also posted on this site.
  • LACERS Investments – For more information about the management of LACERS investment portfolio, please visit the Investment homepage.