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The 2018 Wellness Theme is diabetes awareness, prevention, and management for Retired Members.For more information, click here to view the latest LACERS Well Newsletter. Let LACERS help you get healthy, and stay healthy. If you’re an Active Member, your wellness resource is available here through the City’s Personnel Website, LAwell.

LACERS investment rate of return for calendar year 2017 was 17.37%, net of fees.  Investments, Employee Contributions, and Employer Contributions are the three sources that fund Retirement Allowances and Health Benefits.  Click here for more information.

There are no ‘free medical benefits’ when you retire from the City.  To learn about your retiree medical, dental, vision, and wellness benefits, click here to register for a Planning for Retirement seminar.

Since 1998, Registered Domestic Partners of LACERS Members have been eligible for the same benefits as married spouses of Members.  These benefits can include Survivor Benefits and Retiree Health Benefits.